Moving Image Artist



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This moving image project is a result of my interest in the uncanny of new technology and augmented realities. It explores the concept of Frued’s unheilmeich (unhomely) in an outdoor location with brightly painted doors resembling a computer’s ‘windows’ or tabs. Using Green Screen as a medium it presents the viewer with a digital screen as tanglible as a green screen cloth and a human with all its erring ways.


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This video presents the viewer with a visual representation of a person’s introspection. It is setting up of a show which never takes place. Using digital symbols (mouse, magic wand tool, drag and drop) and green screen, this again reflects our uncanny relationship with technology which is one of humour and isolation. 

DAY 45.9

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Responding to a 24-hour brief, this video presents an average day in the life of someone unfamiliar to us in distant space



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Animation of an exhibition space in Tate Modern used to guide visitors through the space.