Understanding Intelligence 


According to Yogic Philosophy there are 16 dimensions to human intelligence, 4 main ones being: Buddhi (Intellect), Manas (Memory), Ahankara (Identity) and Chitta (Cosmic Intelligence). Understanding Intelligence is the manifestation of these through computation.

Buddhi (Intellect)
The intellect is like a knife, its purpose is to dissect and aid survival. It does not have the capacity to go beyond its own limitations. Buddhi is represented by the cells that follow a set of rules to survive, expand and grow.

Manas (Memory)
When we say memory in Yoga it does not mean memory in our minds but it means memory held in every cell of our body (manomaya kosha) which is on a phenomenal scale.The nature of Manas is like a boundary, it is also an input to the intellect. Hence Manas is embodied through three ultrasonic sensors placed under three heaps of soil. As you step into this boundary your presence starts dictating the aesthetics of Buddhi.

Ahankara (Identity)
Ahankara gives a sense of identity, once you strongly identify with something, the intellect only functions in that context. Hence it is depicted by a deep learning model which is trained on the Buddhi. Ahankara is strongly identified with Buddhi hence it starts to see everything as that.

Chitta (Cosmic Intelligence)
Chitta is pure intelligence, unsullied by memory, intellect and identification. It is beyond these other three dimensions; ever-present but rarely accessed. Chitta is embodied by a glowing orb.